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Welcome to the world of Kïm Hêrlïg Hôlm

Here you will find my portfolio of artwork and current exhibitions



The Monsters We Create

The exhibition engages in heavy topics from our everyday lives.

Topics that we often will try to turn our backs on.

Topics which we hide from.

Topics that end up as the monsters that do not let us forget.

That do not let us go undisturbed on…

…by Kïm Hérlïg Hôlm & Etc. and The Madness


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High on Phantasy

En exhibition centered around fantastic monsters, wacky wizards, undead critters and strange psychedelic characters.

There will be a feature of hand drawn illustrations – a handful from my travel diary, prints, paintings, furry monster plushies and a huge permanent mural in the library of the Bastard Café.

As always – costumes and dress up is encouraged.

Check the event here